Benchmark Air Conditioning Is A Family Owned Bakersfield HVAC Service Company.

Benchmark Air History

Benchmark Air Conditioning, a local HVAC service company, was founded by Mike Smith. Mike has over 25 years’ experience in this business. With such depth of experience, Mike has learned that to be the best you must do more in this business than just repairs and installing new equipment. He wants his company to be known for helping customers maximize the energy efficiency of a home or commercial building. This will result in getting the most out of a heating and cooling system at the lowest cost without sacrificing comfort.

Today, Mike has a great team of qualified technicians and office personnel working at Benchmark, including his wife and son. Over the years Mike has had to keep up to date in order to maintain the exceptionally high standards at Benchmark Air Conditioning.

Fortunately, Mike believes that learning is very important not only for himself, but for the entire team at Benchmark. That is why everyone who goes out on a job is capable of handling a wide range of issues for our customers. Our team of background checked, certified technicians is fast, efficient, and friendly. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide customers with quality installation, reliable maintenance and exceptional customer service for all of your HVAC needs in Bakersfield and Kern County.

Core Values and Operating Principles

We are dedicated to providing Bakersfield with exceptional service, high quality goods, and educating our customers. Benchmark’s goal is to invest in the training of our employees and the education of our customers. Success is our dividend. 

We value our customers, and our relationships with them, over a quick sale achieved through pushy and underhanded sales technique. Good HVAC is here to serve you, and we believe a consistent record of great work, fair business practices, and friendly attitudes are the key to a successful HVAC business. 

Why We Are Bakersfield Most Trusted HVAC Service

Building a good reputation can not be bought, only earned. That is just what Mike Smith has done, with Benchmark Air Conditioning. You can read our reviews here

Free Estimates
Fast, Efficient Service
Communicative and Responsive
EPA and NCI Certified Technicians
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why Benchmark As Your AC Service

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Energy, over half of HVAC Contractors do not correctly size heating and cooling systems correctly. At Benchmark, we use a tried and tested method for correctly sizing your AC System. Experience and training go very far incorrectly providing HVAC service. Benchmark Air Conditioning has hundreds of reviews on Google and is consistently rated 5 stars due to the fairness, transparency, and effective ac service.