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Air Conditioning Installation in Bakersfield, CA

In the desert of California, an efficient, fast-acting air conditioning system is essential. Our little desert is far too hot to have a cool home. That is why it is our mission that all residents of Bakersfield and it’s neighboring towns have access to affordable, high-quality air conditioning units and technicians. This means having access to fast repairs, affordable replacements, and accessible tune-ups. . 

"What's in it for me?"

Why should you consider getting a new AC Unit Installed? 

Energy Efficiency

Older AC systems use more electricity, resulting ina higher electric bill. By replacing your system with something more modern and up to date, you will save money in the long run on your monthly bills. The energy savings themselves can pay for the new unit, and then some.

Increased Home Comfort

As air conditioning systems age, they need more frequent and increasingly costly maintenance. Original parts can become harder to find creating “Frankenstein” units of mix and matched parts. This leads to more and more service calls and usually less efficiency.

Increases Value of Home

A highly efficient AC System can increase the value of your home.

What does it Cost to Replace my Central Air Conditioning System?

The cost of Installing a new HVAC System varies depending on a variety of factors. Such as the size of your home. Before we can install a new AC Unit in your home, we need to determine your homes needs in energy,  based on square footage, the difficulty of the project, and if you need new ducts or not. According to Home Guide the average cost to replace your Central Air Conditioning System is between $3,350, and $5,912.  

AC Unit Options

Ductless Mini Split

A great solution for people who don’t have a place for a central unit, or who only use a few rooms in your home, or have parts of your home or building that cannot have their temperature controlled from the central system, such as a townhouse, garage, or sun room. Mini-Split units allow you to cool specific rooms and not cool rooms that are not in use, and reduce energy consumption. Also a great option for workshops, garages, and other on property buildings that could use some pleasant cooling. Lastly, but certainly not of least importance, Ductless Mini Split Systems are silent. 

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Central Air Conditioning Unit

Highly efficient for large buildings, this is  your best bet for a large office or home, or for a home that needs every single room to be cooled consistently. A great choice for larger homes. 


Central Air Conditioning System VS Ductless Mini Split System

Many people ask, which is better, a central AC system vs individual room ac (Ductless System). For homes with no duct work, or ducts in very poor shape, a Ductless system can help save money on the costs of replacing your old system and installing a new one.

A Ductless Mini Split System can controls individual room temperature and does not use Ducts. This system is great for families, cooling parts of your home or property that are not included in your central system such as your garage, town house, or sun room. 

A Central Air Conditioning System controls temperature of your whole home or building. 

Additionally, it is not, one or the other, as these two systems can both be installed and be used in conjunction with one another.

For example, your spouse may not like the cold as much as yourself, and works from home. A Split system is a great solution, as each member of the home can control their space (such as a home office or gym) to the temperature of their liking, and only heat or cool the rooms that are in use. Furthermore, when the kids come home from college, or you are having a dinner party, and your whole home is occupied, turn on your central system to make your home cozy or refreshing and cool. 

A Ductless is also a good choice for a home that does not have a space away from the inhabitants that prevents you from hearing your central system, or individuals sensitive to noise. 

The best thing you can do is talk with your HVAC Providers, and have them come up with a personalized solution that suits you, your family’s, and your home’s needs.

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