A Buyer's Guide To Air Conditioning System Installation in Bakersfield

Considering how important your HVAC system is to your home, we’ve created this buyers guide to help you understand what it will generally cost to get a new hvac system, and what factors contribute to air conditioning and heating pricing.

If you know you need to get your AC replaced, consider if you should have a ductless or unitary system installed.

Repair Vs Replacement – Which is Right For You?

Before we go into detail about system cost, you should ask yourself if you should repair or replace your ac system. 

Your HVAC system may require repair or service if:

  • Your energy efficiency is worse than before
  • temperature differences (except for HVAC Mini-Split System mode)
  • Your air conditioning and temperature are already too high
  • Only parts of your home are heated or cooled
  • Only Occasionally working

If your system is not working at all, you may need to install a new air conditioning system, or if the cost to repair the system is significant and your system is old. Repairing a very old system will simply result in having to spend even more on service and repairs.

Average Cost of a new AC System

According to Home Guide, “Installing air conditioning costs between $3,350 and $5,912 with most homeowners reporting spending $4,631 on average. This price is typical of installing a new AC unit to your forced air furnace. Other options include single window units or portable units for $234 to $700 or ductless mini-splits for $3,000 to $10,000. Your total cost depends on the type and size of air conditioning system you need.”

Determining Factors Of Your AC Installation Cost

 The cost of installing a new system depends on a few  factors, including 

  • home size – the larger your home the more powerful a system you will need
  • capacity and power of your system – the more power of a system the more expensive it will be 
  • HVAC Equipment you are not replacing
  • taxes and rebates
  • line set protection

Factors For Financing

Most homeowners pay for their new system with financing, and Kern County &  Bakersfield are no exceptions. The factors that go into your monthly payment are:

  • Your credit score
  • The system you’ve selected
  • Financing offered by Air Conditioning Company
  • The amount of interest you are paying as well as the length of your loan

The average repair cost of ducts and vents


Duct and vent repairs cost between $560 – $725. Prices for this project vary greatly. Keep in mind that many professionals calculate their rates based on value and not hourly labor.


Cost of A/C refrigerant recharge in the house


Depending on your home size, an A/C refrigerant recharge costs between $180 – $425. The price also varies according to the refrigerant used. Charging shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. If you notice that the air conditioning blows hot air, is noisy, or vibrates on startup, the compressor may be to blame.


Repair costs for gas leaks


A professional can detect a gas leak and repair it for a cost ranging from $145 – $300. The time taken by this project depends on the location and severity of the leak. Some damage can take more than eight hours to detect and repair.


Install coil or condensing unit 


The cost of installing a coil or condensing unit should be around $5,100. The time frame for this project should take about a whole day to complete.


Repair window air conditioner cost


A window air conditioner repair quick start kit is between $170 – $330.


Delay will lead to higher costs later.


Delays in taking action to replace or repair your HVAC system will lead to severe problems until you are stuck without heating or air conditioning or complex and expensive repairs. By acting now, you can save money over time. Don’t wait.


For 99% of homeowners, we do not encourage you to do it yourself. Even our owner, Mike Smith, doesn’t fix his  own system – he has our team take care of it. Errors in the AC system can compound and worsen if ignored.

Getting A Quote and Benefits of a new system

We must be careful not to rely on companies that are not professional about what it costs to replace an air conditioning and heating system in Bakersfield, California, you should work with a company that deals with a whole series of different services and offers to do the work at a fair price. It is advisable to request between 2-3 estimates to compare multiple offers, evaluating the services offered, the cost, the time of work,It is also necessary, before deciding, to carefully check what the quote includes.

A new system can certainly reduce energy costs in exchange for a small monthly payment if your credit is good enough for good financing. Many company’s can replace your system for payments as low as $99 a month. If the money in energy spending, time, energy, and stress you would save is worth more than the minimum amount for a new system in your home, it is time to replace your old air conditioning system. Furthermore, the quality of your home’s air will be improved due to enhanced filtration, and the humidity of your home will be reduced or eliminated as well.


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