Bakersfield HVAC Services

Benchhmark Air Conditioning is your local HVAC Contracting company. We offer 5 Star Service, for great price. 

We Respond fast

We understand that for every minute we don’t respond, is another minute you are uncomfortable in your home. Due to this, we respond to inquiries for service faster than our competitors, guaranteed. 

Free Estimates

Fast, Efficient Service

Ease of Access in communicating with us

EPA and NCI Certified Technicians

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Why Benchmark?

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Energy, over half of HVAC Contractors do not correctly size heating and cooling systems correctly. 

At Benchmark, we use a recognized process for sizing your home correctly, so that you never over pay for labor, product, or your monthly energy bill. 

 At Benchmark, We will do whatever it takes to achieve your 100% satisfaction. 
Benchmark has over 100 five star reviews.