Bakersfield HVAC Services

Benchhmark Air Conditioning is your local HVAC Contracting company. We offer 5 Star Service, for great price. 

Bakersfield Air Conditioning Service

If You are searching for an AC service in Bakersfield or Kern County, we can help. We understand that for every minute we don’t respond, is another minute you are uncomfortable in your home. Due to this, we respond to inquiries for service faster than our competitors, guaranteed. 

Get your HVAC system Repaired fast. We respond in less than 10 minutes during business hours. Free quote included. No one should suffer through the blazing heat of the Bakersfield desert. With that in mind, we offer excellent communication, fast service, and fair prices as well as great products, knowledgeable technicians, and high quality work. We aim to take the stress out of Air Conditioning Repair in Bakersfield. Learn more about AC Repair.



AC Replacements in Bakersfield

In the desert of California, an efficient, fast-acting air conditioning system is essential. Our little desert is far too hot to have a cool home.

That is why it is our mission that all residents of Bakersfield and it’s neighboring towns have access to affordable, high-quality air conditioning units and technicians. This means having access to fast repairs, affordable replacements, and accessible tune-ups. 

Heater, Heat Pump, and Furnace Services in Bakersfield

If your furnace is in need of repair, call us. If your HVAC unit is warming rooms unevenly, emitting strange smells, or having a hard time maintaining your home’s warm temperature, that is a symptom of a heater in need of repairs and or maintenance. If your heating system is beyond repair,  costs a lot of money to run during the winter, or in constant need of servicing and repairs, it might be time for a replacement system. 

If your system has stopped heating, we can help with fast service and a complete replacement to get your home heated properly now and for years to come. However, you might also discover that heating system replacement represents your best solution for old, inefficient systems and those that seem to need repairs every year.

Why Benchmark As Your AC Service

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Energy, over half of HVAC Contractors do not correctly size heating and cooling systems correctly. At Benchmark, we use a tried and tested method for correctly sizing your AC System. Experience and training go very far incorrectly providing HVAC service. Benchmark Air Conditioning has hundreds of reviews on Google and is consistently rated 5 stars due to the fairness, transparency, and effective ac service. 

Free Estimates
Fast, Efficient Service
Communicative and Responsive
EPA and NCI Certified Technicians
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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