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How do I know I need to replace my heater?

If your heating system is beyond repair,  costs a lot of money to run during the winter, or in constant need of servicing and repairs, it might be time for a replacement system. 

If your system has stopped heating, we can help with fast service and a complete replacement to get your home heated properly now and for years to come.

However, you might also discover that heating system replacement represents your best solution for old, inefficient systems and those that seem to need repairs every year.

Benefits of replacing your Heating System

Energy Savings

Increased Home Comfort & Value

Contributing to a greener environment

What types of heaters are there?

Furnace Heater

Through a duct system, a furnace circulates warm air through your home. In addition, Furnaces run on gas or oil by generating heat through the burning of this fuel. The in-home thermostat controls the house temperature.



A boiler uses natural gas, to heat water and circulates this in order to distribute heat through your home. The hot water runs through a pipe network throughout your home, adding radiant heat to your environment.


Heat Pump

A heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system. Heat pumps take the hot air outside your home and bring it in when you want to heat your home, and bring the cool air into your home when you want to cool it. 

 Hybrid Heater
A hybrid system is a combination of a Heat Pump and Furnace Heater. Hybrid Systems are also known as Dual Furnace system.


Ductless Heater/Mini Split System 

A Ductless HVAC system, or Mini Split system, is special in that it can be used to heat or cool individual rooms or areas of a home, thus saving you money by not cooling the rooms you do not need to heat or cool. 

Why Benchmark As Your AC Service

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Energy, over half of HVAC Contractors do not correctly size heating and cooling systems correctly. At Benchmark, we use a tried and tested method for correctly sizing your AC System. Experience and training go very far incorrectly providing HVAC service. Benchmark Air Conditioning has hundreds of reviews on Google and is consistently rated 5 stars due to the fairness, transparency, and effective ac service. 

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