It can be quite difficult to know what to do when your HVAC system starts breaking down, due to the dilemma of “Should I Repair or Replace my Air Conditioner.” Bakersfield, CA, is a hot area, and people use their air conditioning a lot. However, and unfortunately, air conditioning systems are subject to wear and tear like any other machinery. Due to the constant use of AC in the area, it is very common for Bakersfield home owners to have lots of wear and tear on their hvac system. Due to the fact that no one can live comfortably without an AC, something has to be done.

There are two options, getting AC repairs or replacing the whole unit as a whole. The problem usually establishing if repair or replacement is the right choice for the Bakersfield homeowner. One may go with guts and make the wrong decision, while others may be swindled into making the wrong choice. All-in-all, this is a big decision to make, and it needs various factors being looked at. Choosing whether to repair or replace an air conditioner is based on a culmination of considerations that should be made before coming to a final decision.

Signs of a Faulty AC

The first thing that a Bakersfield homeowner needs to know when it comes to finding out whether to replace or repair an ac system is knowing the signs of a faulty AC. Knowing when an AC is faulty can help in getting repairs before the damage is fatal. Some signs are indicators to get repairs done as soon as possible. They include:

  •  Diminished airflow from the AC.
  •  Ticking noises coming from the main unit.
  • Rattling noises 
  • Air coming out of the AC could be warmer than usual.
  • There could be moisture leaks from the AC.

Knowing when to Replace or Repair Air Conditioning Unit

Knowing the signs of a faulty AC can be used for preventive measures. At that point, it is advisable to get the repair done as fast as possible before any more problems are arising. However, the main aspects that will tell the Bakersfield homeowner when to replace or repair their air conditioning unit are as follows.

Age of the Unit

The age of an AC tells a lot. The lifespan of most air conditioning systems is 15-20 years, and if it is in that range, the best way to go about it is a replacement. Having repairs done at this point will not do much help.


Safety is a significant consideration as if the AC’s safety isn’t good, then replacement other than repair should be done. Lack of safety means that even with a repair, the AC might act up again and is a hazard to the home.

Repair Costs

It could be that the air conditioner has too many problems that need fixing and man parts replaced. At times, the repair costs might be close to that of a new system. At this point, it is logical to replace.

Breakdown Frequency

If the AC breaks down often, there is no need to keep replacing it.

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What To Do If You Need Help

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